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It’s going to happen anyway. The days tick by, the weeks, the years. Some way or another, her childhood will happen, it will become a mixture of memories and smells and feelings she knows she had, some vague, some vivid. In those crucial formative years, her beliefs and strengths, and the way she feels about herself, will form, soft at first but cementing, day by day.

When I was a child I would pretend that I had children. I would sit with my dollies and wrap them in blankets, rock them in prams, sing to them and feed them. I would proudly show my mother my beautiful babies and I couldn’t wait to be a real Mother!

…. Our children grow too fast. The days come and go too quickly.  I wish I could have my house under constant video recording so I could capture every moment that will soon be forgotten.  Their precious childhood won't last forever.  For them,  I am their hero,  their favourite toy,  and their favourite person,  their best friend in the whole world.  

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