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 When I was a child I would pretend that I had children. I would sit with my dollies and wrap them in blankets, rock them in prams, sing to them and feed them. I would proudly show my mother my beautiful babies and I couldn’t wait to be a real Mother!


I held that dream close to my heart and was fortunate to be blessed with three beautiful and precious angels. I knew from the moment I became a mother that I had been given a beautiful gift that had to be treated carefully and respected.


I wanted to create a home of beauty and peace. A place where they could fly their rockets to the moon, be crowned as a princess, make mud pies for dinner, fight off dragons or dance to opera before a audience of hundreds, a home where sister and brothers all learn and play, a home that held love between its walls, a place where my children feel safe and happy.


I wanted to shut out as much distraction as possible. I wanted to protect them from outside influences such as Television and computer games so they could have the opportunity to develop without any unwanted habits. I needed them to be given every possible opportunity to flourish and grow from their own experiences.

Hearing their adventures and laughter while they play in the back yard and spotting their finger prints on the windows makes me smile and I know that I am completely blessed.


I have an over powering urge to strive harder and harder at creating a magical childhood for my children, to put aside my own worries or distractions and completely focus on their needs to give them all they deserve. So one day they will look back on their childhoods and be able to say, “Whoa! My Mum sure loves me!”


My mother taught me her many traditions that filled my childhood. Teaching these and creating my own with my children reminds me that I am part of their history, and their children’s history, and their children’s children’s history and that being a mother full of love is the most important and delicate thing I could ever do.


What a beautiful thing it is to hear my second born sing to my third born the song I made up for my first born….


 How very lucky we are….

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