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Make Home the Best Place to Be

older brother with baby

Again, you are already doing many of the things that make your home the favourite place.  

The most important thing to a home is YOU,  the mother.

Where ever you live, make it a place of peace and love.  Add as much beauty as you know how.  Remove as much of the ugly as you can.

The place to raise children is in the home.  The things they are learning from you at home are very valuable.  YES!  Even more valuable than sport and music lessons.

"Don't over-schedule yourselves or your children.  We live in a world that is filled with options.  If we are not careful, we will find every minute jammed."  M. Russell Ballard

Mothers, you know what your home is like.  You know your children.  You can read them.  Is an activity or class truly developing a talent or is it expensive entertainment?

A calm, happy home is much more important in raising a child than a history of classes.

Are you running around too much?  If you are not there much, you can't work on making your home the best place to be.  It could be just a re-fuelling station but that's not a home....

Home is where, after a hard day at school, he knows mum will listen and tell him he's wonderful.

Home is a warm place, with good food and people who love you.

A place where the children bask in your love.

A place where your children play together happily.  I was so surprised to find - YOU HAVE TO SHOW THEM HOW! 

Protect your home.
Protect your time.

Ask yourself, "What do my children learn in my home?"

Remember "Challenges" from January?  Children, people, even mothers, respond well to challenges especially when there is a worthy principle involved.
(It helps with the mother training.)

I wonder if you might like to  do a challenge with me for the rest of July of making your home the best place to be?

I'll give you some ideas, but you will find that just by thinking about it and praying about it, YOU will come up with the best ideas for your home.

Making a home is an art form that takes a mother's time and a mother's love.

The world gives off the idea that you can buy it.  Just a little more money and then our home would be better. 

That's not true.  But YOU can make it better - how it looks, how it runs, most importantly - how it feels.

So the challenge for this week, while you think about how you want to make your home better :
-when you feel like fussing at someone - just don't.

 Replace it with a small service that shows your love- scruffle their hair, give a hand massage, make a hot chocolate for them, put a note under their pillow, read a story, give a cuddle.

"Beyond all lessons, beyond the model she provided, my mother gave me a parent's ultimate gift: she made me feel lovable and good.  She paid attention; she listened: she remembered what I said.  She did not think me perfect, but she accepted me, without qualification."
Fredelle Maynard


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