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About Lisa

I have a wonderful husband.  We wanted a large family, and because of the example of my mother, the teachings of our church (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), and boundless energy, I felt confident we could do it.


I found out it was much harder and much better than I expected.


Harder- long months of nausea, scared stiff of delivery each time, an astonishing amount of housework (I was not a worker), an a selfish, impatient nature- mine!


Better- the miracle of making a new person, the love and beauty of a baby, the laughter of a child, the frequent intensely sweet and precious moments that you don't have time to write down because you are too busy living them.


We had 4 boys first, then 4 girls and a little boy at the end.


They are our best friends, our greatest happiness, our biggest challenge and our treasure.  And still an astonishing amount of work.


The oldest 4 boys have all spent 2 years doing humanitarian service in countries less fortunate than Australia, as missionaries for our church. 3 are married, and we currently have 6 children at home-2 university students,

2 teenagers and 2 primary school children.


It's like a party every day whether you want one or not.



 This is a collection of my favourite mother stuff gathered from other mothers, books, lessons and 27 years of 24/7 experiences.  I love the mother job. I hope something here helps you as you create a beautiful childhood...



childs drawing of family
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