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A little spirit child is ready to come down to earth.
Heavenly Father says, "It's your turn. Are you ready?"
Spirit child, "No, I don't want to go. It's a strange place down there. I'm afraid."
Heavenly Father, "I will send an angel to watch over you."
Spirit child, "But they speak a strange language there and I don't even know it."
Heavenly Father, "Your angel will whisper words of love to you until you understand."
Spirit child, "But I'll have a new body and I won't know how to use it.  I won't even know how to walk."
Heavenly Father, "Your angel will hold your hand every step you take."
Spirit child, "But I'm afraid I'll get lost.  I might not find my way back to you."
Heavenly Father, "Your angel will kneel beside you as you pray."
Spirit child, "But...."
Heavenly Father, "It's time to go. You must go now."
Spirit child, "But I don't even know my angel's name!"
Heavenly Father, I't doesn't matter. You will just call her "mother'."

When a child is born they come from Heavenly Father's presence into our home. 
Rohn and I have always had a goal  to make our home a place where the new baby would feel comfortable, not too big a change from heaven.  
The sounds her ears first hear would be words of gentleness and kindness.  From our voices, the other children's voices, or from any media we may allow. 
The feelings he feels from those around him would be love, a feeling he would be used to, and reverence for his new life.
Her handling, her first sensations of touch would be unrushed, without hassle.  With gentleness.
His sight, as he learns to distinguish faces, would be filled with people who love him.

A baby should be cuddled alot. Other tiny children, although their technique may be lacking, must be allowed to cuddle the baby. You hold the "old baby" on your lap, with the new baby in his arms, which are in your arms.  Remember that a child feels your feelings? Even the toddler feels love as he holds the baby.   It is bonding for both and important in developing the brotherly love we want in our family.  A small child can be taught gentleness and a baby can handle a certain amount of loving jostling.


I think it was Monica who taught me this - used with good effect on many small children. You are sitting with your toddler and the new baby starts to fuss.  You pretend you can't hear anything, but watch the toddler's expression.  Then baby starts to cry and still you don't respond.   

The toddler starts to get worried and says, 'Mum, the baby's crying!" 

"Really?  Are you sure?  Let's go check if he needs us." And you walk together to the cradle.  "Oh! You were right! Good Girl!  What do you think he needs?"  

 It is fun to assume a helplessness so a toddler can participate more in the care of a new baby. 

"Oh dear!  Where did we put those nappies!"

 The older little ones need not feel displaced, if you think about ways like this to have him save the baby and help you out.

I truly believe that the angel story is close to how it really is when a new baby comes to your home and those soft feelings a mother feels of creating and protecting  her home are given by God to help her raise the child.  Pay attention to them.

"Carl Sandberg once said, "A baby is God's opinion that life should go on."  For that baby's future as well as your own, be strong.  Be believing.  Keep praying.  Those prayers will be heard and answered in the most unexpected hour.  God will send aid to no one more readily than He will send it to a child - and the parent of a child."  Jeffrey R. Holland


Angel Story

Sisters cuddling new baby
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